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A southern island hideaway where you can return to yourself

villa tumugu(ヴィラツムグ)は奄美大島北部の丘の上に立つ、



Villa Tumugu is a private villa that only accepts one group per day.
Satisfy yourself in a completely private space with no unnecessary elements.
A space that is particular about "comfort" because it is Amami Oshima and because it is Tumugu.
You can spend time just for yourself.




Room Introduction


Facilities and Amenities

All available for free


TV, Internet connection (LAN/wireless LAN), kettle, refrigerator, cooking utensils, tableware, hair dryer, heated toilet, closet, washing machine, dryer, clothesline


Body soap/shampoo/conditioner (MARKS&WEB), facial soap, toothbrush set, razor, brush, towel, bath towel, slippers, teabags, drip coffee packs, eco bag, sandals


2 electric bicycles

omoya map


hanare map

With carefully selected amenities,
Take care of your mind and body

From things that come into contact with the skin, such as towels and cushions, to things that decorate a space, such as paintings and lighting.
Each and every item is packed with our commitment to comfort.




There is no meal service provided at villa tumugu.

The villa is equipped with a kitchen, including dishes, cooking utensils, and basic seasonings.

You can cook using Amami Oshima's rich ingredients or visit the island's unique restaurants.

Feel free to arrange and enjoy whatever you like and eat!

Shopping Information


Big II (Big Two)

About 15 minutes by car from villa Tumugu! A large supermarket loved by locals. In addition to groceries and daily necessities, there is also a souvenir corner, a kids corner, and a food corner.


A-Co-op Kasari store

It is about a 15-minute drive from villa Tumugu and is also the closest supermarket to the airport. They have everything you need, including ingredients that are unique to Amami Oshima!


Shimajin Mart Kasari Store

"Shimanto Mart" is a local convenience store that is only found on Amami Oshima. The Kasari store is the only convenience store on the island that is right in front of the sea, and it has almost all daily necessities except medicine, and even sea toys. It is about 15 minutes by electric bicycle from Tumugu, or 5 minutes by car.

Nearby restaurant information


Amami Kyoraumi Koubou

Just 3 minutes by car from Tumugu! A cafe where you can enjoy food and drinks made with island ingredients while gazing at the sea and sky. Pure brown sugar is produced in a facility attached to the shop, and bread and souvenirs made with brown sugar are also sold.


Amami Resort Bashayama Village

Located a 4-minute drive from Tumugu, this restaurant overlooks the sea and offers a range of dining options from breakfast to lunch and dinner.


A cafe located inside the tourist information center at Ayamaru Cape, which overlooks the ocean. You can enjoy coffee and light meals while looking out at the sea. There are also wonderful souvenirs selected for you! 20 minutes by car from Tumugu.



About 30 minutes by car from Tumugu, in the center of Amami Oshima, there is an izakaya with live shimauta music. You can enjoy shimauta and island dances while savoring local cuisine.



A place where people with disabilities can work energetically. You can enjoy the island's specialty, chicken rice, and other delicious island dishes made with local ingredients. Open only at lunchtime. 8 minutes by car from Tumugu.


A perfect day for bread to brighten your heart. Sunny Bakery

The bread made with selected ingredients such as Shirakami Kodama yeast, Amami natural salt, brown sugar, and domestic wheat is delicious. We recommend buying some bread and having it for breakfast the next morning! It's a 4-minute drive from Tumugu.


It is a 15-minute drive from Amami Airport and about 30 minutes by car to Naze, the island's capital.
Amami Oshima is the second largest island in Japan after Sado Island. Even within the large island, Tumugu is conveniently located for traveling.
The recommended way to get around the island is by rental car.
There are many beautiful beaches and great shops around Tumugu, some of which can be easily reached by free e-bike rental.

Villa Tumugu


1219-5 Akaogi, Tatsugo-cho, Oshima-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture


Tourism and activity information


Car rental

There are many rental car companies in Amami Oshima, both national and local! Once you have decided on your itinerary, we recommend that you make your reservation as soon as possible.


Tourist attractions

Even in the vast Amami Oshima, there are many scenic spots and tourist spots around Tumugu. Enjoy the island's charms by car or electric bicycle!



There are also beaches near Tumugu where you can enjoy surfing, paragliding and snorkeling, and there are also beaches where you can see sea turtles and whales depending on the season.

Let's go out on an e-bike!
A leisurely trip around northern Amami

There are many beautiful beaches, great shops, and scenic spots around Tumugu .

There are many spots that can be easily reached on e-bikes (electric bicycles), which are available to guests for free rental, so why not enjoy a leisurely little trip while feeling the island breeze!


Enjoy it on a rainy day!
Recommended Activities

The annual rainfall on Amami Oshima is about twice that of the Kanto region. In fact, Amami has many rainy days, but it is the rainy days that give birth to the abundant forests and water.

Rain on southern islands often comes and goes quickly, and the islanders know how to enjoy rainy days very well. What if you have a rainy day during your trip? Turn that worry into something to look forward to!



  • Is there a parking lot?
    Yes, there is parking space for one car. No reservation is required.
  • Please tell me how long it takes to get there from the airport and how to get there.
    It is a 15-minute drive from Amami Airport. Please see the bottom of the page for transportation access information.
  • What facilities and amenities are available?
    ■ Facilities TV, Internet connection (LAN/wireless LAN), kettle, tea set, refrigerator, cooking utensils, tableware, hair dryer, heated toilet, dryer, washing machine, clothesline ■Amenities Body soap/shampoo/conditioner (MARKS&WEB), facial soap, toothpaste set, razor, brush, towel, bath towel, slippers ■Other E-bike
  • What are the check-in and check-out times?
    Please check in between 15:00 and 19:00. Check out is at 11:00. This may vary depending on the accommodation plan, so please check each accommodation plan for details.

Terms of Use

Check-in is between 15:00 and 19:00. Check-out is at 11:00.
■This may vary depending on the accommodation plan, so please check each accommodation plan for details.
■Credit cards cannot be used■Please be sure to contact us if you plan to check-in after the scheduled time.
■Cancellation fees will be charged as follows.
On the day: 100% of the accommodation fee
The day before: 50% of the accommodation fee
From 3 days before: 50% of the accommodation fee
From 7 days before: 30% of the accommodation fee
■ In the case of no-shows without notice, 100% of the accommodation fee will be charged

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